Writing is my pasion, really. When i get well someone, i can write write write… Lots of pages! I love colorful, fun/sad, long letters.   Usually with litte presents in it. Different paper.  All my penpals are my very good friends, i love them a lot and i`m happy i can share my life with them. Yeah, guys, i love you all!!!

So, at the moment, my penpals are :

* Judy (Scotland)
* Laurine (France)
* Monika (Lithuania)
* Billy J (England)
* Natasha (England)
* Craig (England)[My lovely boyfriend :))) ]]
* Jessica (Germany)
* Leanna (Trinidad)
* Madara (Latvia)
* Šárka (Czech Republic)
*Sigutė (Lithuania)
*Andrius (Lithuania)

I`m very happy that few of my real friends from Lithuania wanted to be my penpals too. Sometimes it is much better to get one snail-mail than message in Skype or MSN. I feel much closer with them now. Even with my lovely boyfriend we like to write letters to each other.  AND! it doesn`t matter that his handwriting is horrible, i love everything about him  (Yeah, Craig, i love you ).

Billy J letter. `10 Autumn

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