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Any gossip?


Didn`t write here for a while… Actually i was out of ideas.  And too busy with my own life… Christmas is comming!!! So much to do, so much shopping and other pleasures. And we had snow here for few days! It was very beautiful time cause i could spent lovely time at home (apart Saturday 04th December). I don`t know whats about you, guys, but i hate winter… yeah, whute snow is nice and so on, i can`t imagine Christmas without it, but…. freezing, always running nose and other stuff … no no its not for me.  But… i agree that all cards and pictures looks amazing!  And all Christmas time is very magic to me. Just very sad that people usually like/hate it just because of presents. Yeah, we live in materialist world, but… Christmas is dreaming, apologises and peace time. It is Family time as well. I feel a little bit depressed because of it… I missed my family so much and i can`t wait to meet all them  again on spring.This year Christmas will be magic too. I have almost all presents and can`t wait to start wrap all them.  I have amazing advent calendar from my boyfriend and everyday i can eat one chocolate ^^ It was nice surprise from him and i really hope he liked mine Advent calendar for him. It was very good way to show how much i wait holiday with him…  yeah, I am going to spend  Christmas time with really amazing person. Last days we are very close i can say.  I`m really happy about it and hope it never  change.

We had 1st month anniversary few days ago. It was one of most best month ever in my life! I`m so happy, I`m so beloved!!!!

Love You, Bubble x