Swallow is a symbol of hope,happiness,freedom,good luck
Swallows mate for life, and therefore represents fidelity and loyalty.
To kill a swallow was very unlucky, as the swallow carried the souls of children who had died.
It is said that the swallow sings of the first signs of a new love.
For the pilgrim to Mecca, the swallow is the symbol of constancy and faith.
For more than a century the swallow has been a favorite tattoo motif for sailors. It’s often a sign that land is near. And a swallow with a dagger through its heart is a memorial for a friend lost at sea.
Actually, all swallows returns home every year. So the tattoos were used to say that you will always come home
They shows that the spring is comming too.

Why i made a post for it? Swallow all the time was SOMETHING for me. It shows us when the spring is comming ( and i love spring). It has something… amazing :)
Well and lithuanian song “little swallows“ what every time reminds me about my Mum (love you!!!) Song is here

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  1. Beautiful words, beautiful photos :)

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