102 things that makes me happy!


1. Sending and receiving mail
2. Decorating envelopes and letters
3. Sleeping
4. Creative ideas
5. Swallows
6. Rainbows
7. Funny facts from history
8. Days off
9. Nice beddings
10. Green grass
11. Croissants
12. Healthy food
13. Nice boxes
14. Parties with topics
15. Sky with lots of stars
16. Symbols
17. When Granddaddy is telling stories about his child hood
18. Being in my own style
19. Lovely little shops selling pretty things
20. Tangerines on Christmas time
21. Candles
22. Learning new languages
23. Mum`s advices
24. Being with family
25. My Boyfriend`s giggling
26. Nice notebooks
27. Sunny mornings
28. Renewing things
29. Poker with friends and/or family
30. When you wake up in the night, look at the clock and realize you can sleep few more hours.
31. Coloring books and felt pens
32. Sandwishes
33. Animated movies
34. Smiling without faking it
35. Writing
36. Funny hats
37. Warm hands and foots
38. Indian food
39. Traveling anywhere
40. Keeping in touch with English Mum
41. Bright colors
42. Pyjamas
43. Music
44. Best friend
45. Songs with nice words
46. Cupcakes
47. Diet coke
48. Good smell things from Body Shop
49. Wrapping into duvet
50. Piano music
51. Surprises
52. Freedom
53. London
54. Being busy
55. 80s and 90s music
56. 40s fashion
57. Good news
58. Black nail polish
59. Playing guitar
60. Helping my Granddaddy with bees
61. Musicals
62. Cacao made by my mum
63. Long walking just for walk
64. Rain
65. “Friends” TV show
66. Salads
67. The inspiration felt after watching a really good movie or reading a really good book
68. Rewatching movies bout France over and over and over over
69. Freshly dyed hair
70. House M.D. quotes
71. When my nephew-Godson hugs me
72. My lovely eyes when I ask something
73. Documentaries
74. 3d movies
75. P.Coelho books
76. J.Carey movies. Oh guys, no matter how lame it is
77. Being in love
78. My superman hooded jumper
79. When I see child`s smile
80. When penpals becomes to real friends
81. Riding by bike.
82. Feeling when you fall asleep
83. Crosswords
84. Cross-stitching
85. Warm toast with tiny little butter
86. Tea from my favourite cup “IDUSIAI NUO MONIKITOS”
87. To dream before sleep
88. To love my life
89. When dreams comes true
90. My Boyfriends cooking
91. Giggling
92. Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse
93. My pink phone
94. Stationery
95. Sing when I drive
96. Hot shower
97. Black eye pencil
98. Being in warm bed when room is quite cold
99. Strawberry cheese cake
100. Spring
101. Seaside and sea
102. Aqua songs

Komentarų: 4

  1. I’m A Barbie Girl In The Barbie World
    Life In Plastic, It’s Fantastic
    You Can Brush My Hair, Undress Me Everywhere
    Imagination, Life Is Your Creation

    Come On, Barbie, Let’s Go Party !!!

  2. Great list. I am inspired to create one now. It is so good to be reminded to focus on the positive. Thank you!

  3. I agree with Rhea! That’s a wonderful list! It’s fun to see what other people include on their blogs. I may just have to borrow this idea for a future post on my blog.

    Ann (freespirit66)

  4. Chase-“We’ve got an MRI scheduled in 20 minutes. Earliest Foreman could get the machine.“

    House-“I teach you to lie and cheat and steal and the second my back is turned you wait in line!“

    Fun list. :)

    Swap-Bot member maybejustperhaps

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