Weekend is almost here!


I had quite busy week, but finally, tomorow is Friday and i will work just half day (Yay!) So, I am going to do some photo to show you how nice i live :))) haha just kidding :) I am going to share things, who makes me happy and makes up my day.
Well any way i do not have any big plans for weekend – some cleaning, some tidying up, write few letters, postcards. There are lots of ideas and now i need just energy!
Next few weeks will be very busy and interesting for me. Pretty excited about it! I missed to go somewhere far away, meet new / old people.
Last time i am quite interested in different swaps from swap-bot.com it is very easy to make new friendships!
OH. I met so much nice people in interpals.net. Some of these people really mades my days! Postcards, letters, small gifts, even messages helps to smile! I am very happy everytime i find something in my e/mail box! Thanks for all nice time, guys!

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