I hate/love sellotapes.


I like colorful sellotapes. Or sellotipes with nice picture. Usually I use them for letter (don’t want anyone to open it before)
But all sellotapes has one thing what annoys me a lot!
Yeah, I have problem to find the end too : ) well not anymore!

You will need:

• Sellotape
• Confetti ( I took smiley face)

Every time I cut it I stick smiley face in the end. Looks funny, nice and no more troubles to find the end :)


Komentarų: 4

  1. Great sensible simple tip! Thanks so much.

  2. hehe, what a cute and simple idea – I am always trying to find the end of the tape!

  3. OMG! That is BRILLIANT! I use that tape ALL THE TIME for swap packages! I am running now to do this to my roll! thanks for sharing this wonderful idea!

    leecytx from swap-bot

  4. Genius!!! Making a mental note to do this from now on.
    swapbot- shorterthanu44

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