Pancakes from oven.


It was first time I made pancakes in oven. They were like small cakes! Nom nom nom :) But lets start from beginning.
You will need:
• Complete pancake mix
• Water
• Oil
• Nutella
• Ice – cream (your favorite)
• Raspberry Sauce
• Chocolate Sauce
• Fruits (whatever you like) I had apple, grapes.

First at all we prepare pancakes mass. So, we take pancake mix and pull some water in it.

Mass should be like usually pancake mass.
In the mass pour little bit ( about one dessert spoon) oil.

Then – Nutella.

Put little bit oil in tin. Then all mass into too.

Put tin into 190°C oven and bake about 5 – 10 min.

In that time you can prepare fruits, ice – cream.

Make balls from ice – creams :)

While you are waiting, you can make some silly photos too :)

That’s how looks baked pancakes.

Now use your imagination to finish your meal! I made simple one – used some chocolate and raspberry sauces.

No diets tonight :) Hope you will enjoy it as I did ;) Good Luck!!!!

Komentarų: 3

  1. niam niam :)

  2. You had me at nutella. A jar of that lasts no more than a week in my house. I will be trying this recipe… perhaps for valentine’s day morning.

    (eveyinorbit via swapbot)

  3. Love the look of these but I’m far too lazy to make them I’ll just eat the nutella from the jar

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