We will rock you! [musical]


We will rock you

Ok, it is not secret I love theatre. And last time I have lots of chance to visit it. So on sunny Sunday ( 12th February) me, C and Mum went to London to see wonderfull show named ‘We will rock you’

I could say that it surprised me a lot! I went here without no mind what to expect. Maybe something ala ‘concert’. But it was much better!
Simple love story about teenagers in future. Nice jokes and scary lady with sexy costumes.

That sexy lady :))))

Maybe people could say that all show looks quite cheap or something like that… but it was worth to go there.
I think it depends on how much you like Queen. But you must to have on your mind – IT IS NOT CONCERT!
Anyway I loved decortions – sure, big TV screen were one of the best… or that Harley Davidson… oh yeah babe!

It is quite hard to describe all atmosphere in all hall. The end was amazing: young, old ( no matter) started to clap along to ‘We will rock you’ song and even sing it! That time I felt soo happy, so full of energy! ( and It doesn`t matter that Queen reminds me my teenager time)

I love the end – it wasn’t usual bow. After usual bow they came back again, sang a song and took a bow AGAIN. I don’t know why, but i loved it. So big respect for all people there!


P.S. Hope, that C and his MUM enjoyed it too :)

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  1. your good

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