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Look! This rain is amazing!


Song : Aktorių Trio – Lietus

Mood : Better than last 2 days but quite sleepy!
Smell : Cinnamon… still.
Drink : Water. WATER!!!
Picture :

Rain in Lithuania.

Today sound of rain wake me up. And I’m still in bed. I had my coffee and now I just lazy. Just.
Can’t wait for this evening I guess. Maybe.

I Love Rain.
I Love Pictures of Rain.
I Love Long Kisses in The Rain.
I Love Just Stand in The Rain.
I Love Fresh Air Because of Rain.
I Love Listen to The Rain.

I Love to Love Rain!


Nice and useful fact for everyone.


You`ll know if the person really cares about you when he/ she asks you what’s wrong and when you tell him nothing he/she stays there… Waiting for the real reason.


Today i spent lovely time with two little girls. Well i usually spent time with kids so it’s nothing special, yeah ? :) well but today i realised one very thing… I love my childhood so much… sometimes i even don’t want to grown up!

This Night :
Song : Elton John – Can You Feel The Love Tonight
Mood : Quite romantic ♥ But tired.
Smell : Strawberry
Drink : Lithuanian Tea

Cute dog named 'Faina'


Good times. [pic of the day]


Song: Pink Floyd – We don’t Need no Education

Weather: Sunny and warm
Mood: Happy
Smell: Vanilla and Cinnamon (mmm)
Drink : Hot chocolate.

Me and my mate Arune

I still can remember this wonderful evening with my good mate Arune. I love this girl! We had a good time with drinks, loud music and my dance for the rain. Good times.
Love you Girl and hope to see you soon! <3


Once upon a time…


there was a cute teddy bear named Alley. :)

My lovely toy bear :)


It’s getting warmer and warmer every day. I love this time of year. Oh it would be so nice to go somewhere to the beach and spend time there.


oh no… [pic of the day]


Weekend was too good… hate mondays! :)

Cut picture to make some smiles :).


Warning! Spring is here!!!


Can you believe spring is finally here?
Yes, SPRING. Last two weekends were so nice and sunny! That makes me feel so happy. I’m glad to feel spring. Hehe actually I feel like a teenager. Again. Looks like it was not so far away – few years ago but I missed that wonderful feeling. Sure I do not say I’m old. But not 16 lol! I got very nice message few days before. From my old foe ( hehe). We hadn’t talk for ages and when last time we did, we just mired each other. So you can just imagine how surprised I were! Sure, all our fights and bad feelings gone ages ago. According to my mum : hormone storm finished long time ago. It was nice text him back without bad feelings. It made me feel so grown-up…

Me when I was 16!!!

Well anyway it is very sunny Saturday day. You would never believe me how sunny was in the morning! I even wake up at 6 am just because here was too bright in the room! Even now my all windows are open. Wonderful day. Just little bit shame I feel little bit lazy after last night and my throat sore little bit. On other hand it is sunny but quite cold outside.
Oh, about last night… well I went out with friend and had really fun and crazy night! We went to have some drinks, play bowling and watch horror movie afterwards. Was really nice time. I start to go out quite often last time. Hehe. Well at last today I don’t need to work so I can sleep as much as I want ( but I don’t doh.)
_ _

My vegetarianism is going very well. Didn’t eat any meat more than 10 days. I feel much better, my stomach didn’t hurt anymore and I eat more diverse food. That helps loose some weight too lol.
_ _

Life is going to be better I hope. Feel much more life, laugh and love.

And picture of the day:

Lovely time at park.


Pic of the day. Shoes.


from Next.