Yeah, thats true. Yeaterday I realised i need to be vegetarian. Little bit stupid, huh? All my life i remember me as meat eater. I LOVED IT! and i couldn’t imagine myself without eating it. But last months somethng changed. I can`t eat it anymore!!! Everytime I eat it I feel so sick… ;/ Chicken was my favourite…was ;/ I don’t know how to feel now. Happy? Sad? Excited? Now I need to find out where from get all vitamins my body needs ( e.g. iron)…
Acording to this webside I would be something like pescatarian. I like milk ( in coffee), eggs, seafood (fish, prawns), but not any tipe of meat.
I still can’t believe i write this.
Please note, I do not eat meat just because of my stomack and taste,not because of religion/ belief. haha and sure if I start to want some meat i will eat it :) maybe. well we will see. I`ll let you know how everything is going :)

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  1. I would like to be a vegetarian to save the animals :) I dislike seeing how they kill chickens :(

    • Well last days I didn`t eat meat at all. Just seafood. I bought a iron vitamins (you get these just with meat). It is even disgusting to see meat. oh, AND. I feel much better now! <3

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