5th season is time for a new beginning.


Life has changed last time and I`m really not sure is it good or bad. I know I need stop for a moment and check all my life, feelings and wishes.
Anyway I believe that all people in our life comes for a reason. Some people comes in our life because they need you. Other way some people comes to your life because you need something from them. And I do not call it selfish. That’s life. You help for someone… someone helps to you! Easy peasy!
I felt so empty last days. Without spirit.

I had to do something. And i did. I hurt very good and amazing friend. I rejected all help form other people. I didn’t chat with my family, friends for a long time.
– –
But now I feel spring inside my heart. Wanna fly, wanna go somewhere, meet new people and feel life. LIVE MY LIFE. Smile without faking it.
– –
I like new persons in my life.
– –
Funny fact. After I decided to eat meat as little as possible, I feel much better. I have more energy and have more positive thoughts.

My song at the moment. My 5th season came. And i need to change something.

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