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My very bestest friend :)


Picture for my best of the best :)

Will try to show one my picture per day :) I have so much of them… would be shame do not share with You :)


Happy… Oh happy day!


Yeah, today is one year when I can’t live without my Dear Best friend Monika. I will never forget that cold early spring evening in one Presto Café. It is hard to describe feeling when you can laugh of everything around. When you feel calm and safe with other person.

06/05/10 when we got friendship earring :)

Still now, after year she is my BEST. Best of the Best. She is such a cutie! Haha and you should see how lovely she looks early morning after long night in the pub!

Usual meet up at Santaka's park

She is one of person who is always welcome in my house, sleep in my bed and have glass of nice vine. Oh, and I love go to pub with her! ( her English is amazing after few beers haha )

Our friendship is best of the best!

She is the person with who I can laugh till we start to cry! And we never have fights!
One of the best thing is her letters! You will never believe how long letters this girl can write! Once I even got a whole book as one letter! O M G she is really amazing (hug)

Night out :)

When I feel lonely, here far away from my Monika and anyone I really love, I love just watch our pictures again and again and again….

Varliukai (hug)

Love you with all my heart.

4ever and ever ever :)

Idusia for Macacica :*

Mes visada tokios seksovos :D

Love you.