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Nice and useful fact for everyone.


You`ll know if the person really cares about you when he/ she asks you what’s wrong and when you tell him nothing he/she stays there… Waiting for the real reason.


Today i spent lovely time with two little girls. Well i usually spent time with kids so it’s nothing special, yeah ? :) well but today i realised one very thing… I love my childhood so much… sometimes i even don’t want to grown up!

This Night :
Song : Elton John – Can You Feel The Love Tonight
Mood : Quite romantic ♥ But tired.
Smell : Strawberry
Drink : Lithuanian Tea

Cute dog named 'Faina'


Good times. [pic of the day]


Song: Pink Floyd – We don’t Need no Education

Weather: Sunny and warm
Mood: Happy
Smell: Vanilla and Cinnamon (mmm)
Drink : Hot chocolate.

Me and my mate Arune

I still can remember this wonderful evening with my good mate Arune. I love this girl! We had a good time with drinks, loud music and my dance for the rain. Good times.
Love you Girl and hope to see you soon! <3