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P.Coelho – The Zahir


i found new method how to read books – Audiobooks! Few years ago, I thought it is imposible just to listen and understand a book. But now, as you see i manage it!
I am that person, who listen music 24/7 and one of my credo is LIFE is MUSIC PLAY it LOUDER. Thats really true about me.

So, about book.

Wikipedia says:

“ The Zahir is a 2005 novel from the Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho. Similarly to an earlier book, The Alchemist, the Zahir is about pilgrimage. The book touches on themes of love, loss and obsession.“
“Coelho compares a marriage with a set of railway tracks which always stay together but cease to come any closer. This novel is journey from a stagnant marriage and love to the realization of unseen but ever increasing gravity between the two souls.“

One of best book i ever read. Second time it changed my life, my opinion about freedom, marriage, men, women… To be frank… this book shows how important freedom and calmness is. Every time i read this book, i want be free, single. Freedom is one of best thing in life. Being together with someone doesn`t mean you must lose your freedom!!! we all are like railway tracks… close, but not too much… we all live our own life.

Well and some quites i loved from this book :

“Love is an untamed force. When we try to control it, it destroys us. When we try to imprison it, it enslaves us. When we try to understand it, it leaves us feeling lost and confused.“

After explaining the reasons for the railway tracks are exactly 143.5 cms apart:
‘..At some point in history, someone turned up and said: when two people get married, they must stay frozen like that for the rest of their lives. You will move along side by side like two tracks, keeping always that same distance apart. Even if sometimes one of you needs to be a little further away or a little closer, that is against the rules. The rules say: be sensible, think of the future, think of your children. You can’t change, you must be like two railway tracks that remain the same distance apart all the way from their point of departure of their destination. The rules don’t allow for love to change, or to grow at the start and diminish halfway through – it’s too dangerous. And so, after the enthusiasm of the first few years, they maintain the same distance, the same solidity, the same functional nature. Your purpose is to allow the train bearing the survival oftje species to head off into the future: your children will only apart. If you’re not happy with something that never changes, think of them, think of the children you brought into the world’

After few years i will read this book again, trust me.


Books to read in 2011


As I told, I want to read much more this year. So that`s why I think it would be helpful to make a books – to – read list.

So there is mine:

Johan Irving “The Cider House Rules / Sidro namų taisyklės“

Johan Irving “The World According to Garp / Pasaulis pagal Garpą“

Jurga Ivanauskaitė “Placebo / Placebas“

Valerie Tasso “Diary of a Sex Addict / Diario de una ninfómana / Nimfomanės užrašai“

Dan Brown “The Lost Symbol / Prarastas simbolis“

Danny Wallace “Yes Man / Jis sako taip!“


There are books what i really want to read. But this list can be changed. I`m not sure what books i will buy in Lithuania.
One more reason, why I can`t wait holiday to Lithuania – to buy books! :]

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