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Creative ideas to bright your days.


What do you like to do on your free time? Read book? Watch movie? Spend hours on facebook??? Well there are some inspired ideas you can do on your free time :)
• Write a letter to yourself in the future;
• Make a list of next Christmas presents;
• Make a list of everything you buy in next week;
• Make a map of places where you would love to go / where your friends( penpals ) lives.
• Talk with your friend on Skype more than hour about what fun happened to you both;
• Start to learn new language;
• Read a book in one day;
• Make a list of what can you find you grocery;
• Start to write autobiography;
• List your ten most important things (not including animals or people);
• Organize your next holiday;
• All week wear skirts/dresses ( if you are girl, sure)
• Find a new penpal;
• Find a photo. alter it by drawing over it;
• Take a picture of yourself every day for one month;
• Try new craft;
• Re-organize your wardrobe;
• Make a list of things that makes you happy;
• Go somewhere new ( visit other city, museum you never been etc…)
• Make your own family tree.

Wish you lots of positive minds in your life ;)


My earings box.


I love earings. Different size, shape, color… Actually I tried to count how many do I have… and lost number :))) Should be about 50 pairs I think… Crazy…:)
Anyway, i keep them in very very nice box – sofa.

Ayway i’m quite happy after last weekend – i got some new furniture in my room:

You can see my punk bag from “Oilily“ . I love it.

Ok, it was a quick post for bad day – Monday. Well… but we can always look at the BRIGHT side…. At least Mondays only happen once a week :)

Have a lovely day!



Good times. [pic of the day]


Song: Pink Floyd – We don’t Need no Education

Weather: Sunny and warm
Mood: Happy
Smell: Vanilla and Cinnamon (mmm)
Drink : Hot chocolate.

Me and my mate Arune

I still can remember this wonderful evening with my good mate Arune. I love this girl! We had a good time with drinks, loud music and my dance for the rain. Good times.
Love you Girl and hope to see you soon! <3




Yeah, thats true. Yeaterday I realised i need to be vegetarian. Little bit stupid, huh? All my life i remember me as meat eater. I LOVED IT! and i couldn’t imagine myself without eating it. But last months somethng changed. I can`t eat it anymore!!! Everytime I eat it I feel so sick… ;/ Chicken was my favourite…was ;/ I don’t know how to feel now. Happy? Sad? Excited? Now I need to find out where from get all vitamins my body needs ( e.g. iron)…
Acording to this webside I would be something like pescatarian. I like milk ( in coffee), eggs, seafood (fish, prawns), but not any tipe of meat.
I still can’t believe i write this.
Please note, I do not eat meat just because of my stomack and taste,not because of religion/ belief. haha and sure if I start to want some meat i will eat it :) maybe. well we will see. I`ll let you know how everything is going :)


Cute Mirror`s Case!


Well cross-stiching helps me to put all messy thoughts away as usual!

This cute mirror case was done in few hours on friday.

It was really fun and colorful project.

And at the moment i have lots of thoughts what I would love to stich. I need just time and good mood for it.




Winter in Lithuania by Idukas.

p.s. i`m just after holiday here!


Why do I hate Mondays?


1 It is first day after weekend.
2 It means you are one week older than you were last week.
3 5 days left till next weekend.
4 You can’t stay home/bed ’cause you need go to work!
5 All diets/sports we are planing to start on Monday… What a heck… Monday makes us to break our promises!!!! :)

And why you hate monday??? :))))

Hope you have a nice, sunny and shining day!