I wish I were….


…huged by someone. I think that’s the reason why I hate being alone / in distance relationship.
Anyway. There are 30 things about me I would love to share with you.
Hope you will enjoy reading ;)
1. I am Scooby- Doo addicted.
2. I like to learn new languages. So far I can speek English, Lithuanian, Russian and little bit Spanish.
3. I care about my body a lot n spend lots of money for that.
4. Can’t stop buy dresses and shoes.
5. My little 7 years old nephew is my best friend ever. LOVE HIM TILL THE END.
6. I love rain.
7. Believe me or not, but I’m not big parties animal.
8. Can’t live without coffee, long sleep, hugs.
9. I adore my family and after all teasing i can say with my open heart… I LOVE MY BROTHER A LOT!
10. Have lots of penpals from countries like : Trinindad and Tobago, France, Russia…
11. Once or twice per year I re – watch “Moulin Rouge“
12. I like tatto & piercing a lot lot lot!
13. I have Nokia C3 PINK. :D
14. I am trying to become vegetarian. So I eat meat as little as possible.
15. My birthday date is 15/07/90
16. One of my hobby is cross-stitching.
17. You can’t find more positive person than me! :)
18. I give lots of attention to my friends, but I ask for it too.
19. I love naughty kisses with my girls! <3
20. I feel the best when I'm in seaside.
21. Usually I am very open-minded and easy going person.
22. I never use any drugs. And not going to.
23. I cant imagine my life without Monika.
24. I have 7 piercings.
25. I sleep with my Teddy Bear Alley.
26. My life credo is : Live your Life!
27. My life is so boring, but people still read my blog about it.
28. I listen to very different type of music.
29. My toenails are most of time colored.
30. I am : daughter, grandaughter, best friend, friend, enemy, auntie, Godmum, penpal, cousin, sister….

I don’t know why, but I love this pic. <3

And my song at the moment:


i will come back :)


I promise! :) it will be sooner you can imagine :)


Look! This rain is amazing!


Song : Aktorių Trio – Lietus

Mood : Better than last 2 days but quite sleepy!
Smell : Cinnamon… still.
Drink : Water. WATER!!!
Picture :

Rain in Lithuania.

Today sound of rain wake me up. And I’m still in bed. I had my coffee and now I just lazy. Just.
Can’t wait for this evening I guess. Maybe.

I Love Rain.
I Love Pictures of Rain.
I Love Long Kisses in The Rain.
I Love Just Stand in The Rain.
I Love Fresh Air Because of Rain.
I Love Listen to The Rain.

I Love to Love Rain!


Nice and useful fact for everyone.


You`ll know if the person really cares about you when he/ she asks you what’s wrong and when you tell him nothing he/she stays there… Waiting for the real reason.


Today i spent lovely time with two little girls. Well i usually spent time with kids so it’s nothing special, yeah ? :) well but today i realised one very thing… I love my childhood so much… sometimes i even don’t want to grown up!

This Night :
Song : Elton John – Can You Feel The Love Tonight
Mood : Quite romantic ♥ But tired.
Smell : Strawberry
Drink : Lithuanian Tea

Cute dog named 'Faina'


Good times. [pic of the day]


Song: Pink Floyd – We don’t Need no Education

Weather: Sunny and warm
Mood: Happy
Smell: Vanilla and Cinnamon (mmm)
Drink : Hot chocolate.

Me and my mate Arune

I still can remember this wonderful evening with my good mate Arune. I love this girl! We had a good time with drinks, loud music and my dance for the rain. Good times.
Love you Girl and hope to see you soon! <3


Once upon a time…


there was a cute teddy bear named Alley. :)

My lovely toy bear :)


It’s getting warmer and warmer every day. I love this time of year. Oh it would be so nice to go somewhere to the beach and spend time there.


oh no… [pic of the day]


Weekend was too good… hate mondays! :)

Cut picture to make some smiles :).