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My earings box.


I love earings. Different size, shape, color… Actually I tried to count how many do I have… and lost number :))) Should be about 50 pairs I think… Crazy…:)
Anyway, i keep them in very very nice box – sofa.

Ayway i’m quite happy after last weekend – i got some new furniture in my room:

You can see my punk bag from “Oilily“ . I love it.

Ok, it was a quick post for bad day – Monday. Well… but we can always look at the BRIGHT side…. At least Mondays only happen once a week :)

Have a lovely day!



oh no… [pic of the day]


Weekend was too good… hate mondays! :)

Cut picture to make some smiles :).


5 things i hate about monday!


1 It is first day after weekend.
2 It means you are one week older than you were last week.
3 5 days left till next weekend.
4 You can’t stay home/bed ’cause you need go to work!
5 All diets/sports we are planing to start on Monday… What a heck… Monday makes us to break our promises!!!! :)

And why you hate monday??? :))))

Hope you have a nice, sunny and shining day!


Up Up Monday done!


New categorie! #5 Monday !!!
Why? Because i hate it but anyway i will try to find something nice in my usual Monday! Any nice ideas? Contact me!



#1 Orange juice;
#2 Delivered ‘Pigeons & Peacocks’ magazine ( for free ;] )
#3 One hour nap;
#4 Nice apple pie for dessert
#5 Movie “Cashback“