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Don’t read it :)))))


Sunny days
Sorry, last time I am very busy with my own life and time. I am doing a lot and i can say I am kinda proud of myself!
I will tell you more later. Maybe :)
I am very busy with all letters and emails last time. Gosh, I become very popular. LOL. I wrote ~ 50 emails and 5 proper handwrite letters last weekend. I started to make “ wreck this journal“ to my friend from France.
Still need to write and send some cards.

It is summer! Can you feel it?

P.S. I “a Taste of Spain“ festival was very nice :)


Once upon a time…


there was a cute teddy bear named Alley. :)

My lovely toy bear :)


It’s getting warmer and warmer every day. I love this time of year. Oh it would be so nice to go somewhere to the beach and spend time there.